Fastest way to create a new theme in wordpress

Here is the fastest way to create a theme in WordPress.
When you want to create pages from the visual builder.

Static Website in Wordpress

 1. Install plugin Elementor - It will create fast pages for your Wordpress Website.

 2. Install Plugin Header, Footer & Blocks for Elementor - It will create Header and footer from your HTML Page

3. Install "Orbisius Child Theme Creator Plugin". It will create a Child theme from the current theme

4. Install the "Simple Custom CSS and JS Plugin". It will use to include and write CSS and js file

5. create a new child theme using Orbisius Child theme creator. Check your child theme function.php file . and remove the Parent stylesheet of the theme.

6. Add Js and CSS files using Simple Custom CSS and JS Plugin. and use style.css for the main CSS

7. Create HTML pages using plugin Elementor.

8. Create Header and Footer using Plugin Header, Footer & Blocks for Elementor.

9. If you want to add CSS and Javascript in another way just add CSS  in header.php(child theme). like that.

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