How to create a Amazon Associates Access Key and Secret Access Key

1.  Becoming an Associate : you need to sign up for Associate Programme :
2. Get correct URL which country you belongs to and add Associate programme
3. Join For free programe .
4. Sign in to your Assoicate Account

( again sign up for https://affiliate )

6... Click on Manage Your Account
7... And after that Click on AWS Security Credentials Console.
It will redirect you to main  Amazon Associates Access key and Secret Access Key .
there you need to create a Access key and secret access key
(Note  .1  When you create access key and secret access key both will download as a CSV )

2. Secret Access Key will not display on console board website that will download in a CSV file

How to add Amazon specific product on your wordpress site .

1.  Get Access key and Secret Access Key from your  Amazon Associates .
2.  Add Plugin Amazon Associates Link Builder    
3.  Insert  Access key and Secret Access Key  into this plugin
4.  create all setting of this plugin
5.  Create a post and search for any amazon products add that product in your wordpress site.

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