Editing in Shopify site

1.) shopify site is used to create ecommerece site If you create site on shopify it gives you some monthly , yearly plan

2.) when you want login to site it gives you admin panel to control your data ,order , products ,template ,Apps (plugin)  ,Accounts ,settings  and many more

3.) If you want to increase your website speed here is some experince tips that is more useful
   A) Check image size in site you can decrease image size using www.tinyjpg.com
   B) Image scale should not more than div size  you can use large(600*600),medium(240*240),small,grande
    image size 

4.) If you want to edit in template you can go into themes and there is "liquid" files you can easily change coding in that also there is assets files for changing images and javascript files

5.) Like that you we can edit all things one by one
6.) If you want to change product images Only need to go in specific product drag and drop image and move tham easily

Thank you

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