Learn Codeignitor step by step ( Part - 1 )

Hello Today first we learn about CodeIgniter

1 . We will look the structure of codeigniter there is main 2 folder  A)System  ,  B) Application

A) System : It is main codeignitor folder here all functionality work It is like a base it is divided into sevral parts like

 I) core : Here all core files
II) database : here all database driver and database utilities
III) fonts : fonts related information
IV) helpers : date cookies helpers
V) language : language files
VI) Library : this folder contains standard library like email, calendar, file uploads etc .

B) Application :   This is area here we work to develop a site software etc.

I)   Cache : The cache folder contains all cached pages It is very important for your fast web application
II)  Config : Configuration of Your Files
III) Controller : Here is your classes files you developed for your application
IV)Core : here it is all base class files
V) Error : you will place here all your application specific error logs
VI) Helpers :
VII) Hook :
VIII) Language :Place the support files use full for your application
IX) Libraries : your own developed libraries useful for your application
X) Log : write error here for maintaining logs
XII) Models :  In this folder you will place your data base fetching logic in
XIII) Third Party : you can place any plugins used for your application
XV) View : you will place your html template files

2. Configure Your Codeignitor Environment  :


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