Yii installation using composer

1.    http://randomkeygen.com/
2.   uncomment  phpssl.dll   in php/php.ini file
3.   install Composer
4.  php c:\ProgramData\composersetup \bin\composer.phar  create-project yiisoft/yii2-add-advanced  advanced 2.0.0-alpha

For Installation of Advanced Yii2 template follow these steps

5.   php c:\ProgramData\composersetup \bin\composer.phar requir conquer/oauth "*"

For Database Migration in Yii  It is very Useful URL


                              Installing  Yii application manually

Just Check this link for maual

Extract the archive file downloaded from yiiframework.com to a directory named advanced that is directly under the Web root.
Then follow the instructions given in the next subsection.

Preparing application

After you install the application, you have to conduct the following steps to initialize the installed application. You only need to do these once for all.
  1. Execute the init command and select dev as environment.
    php /path/to/yii-application/init
    Otherwise, in production execute init in non-interactive mode.
    php /path/to/yii-application/init --env=Production --overwrite=All
  2. Create a new database and adjust the components['db'] configuration in common/config/main-local.php accordingly.
  3. Apply migrations with console command yii migrate.

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