Joomla Drupal PHP Site Hacked Solution

Hello ,

There are following steps we should check when php site hacked by any one .

1.  .htaccess is very important file in a website that can redirect your site to any malicious site I          found  this in one of my website that redirect my site to other url
     RewriteRule ^$ [R,L] 
     Just remove this line from htaccess file

2. In Joomla site check the folder includes/framework.php   their should be malicious code  . remove  that

3. Download all files on your computer cystem and check that with cntivirus NOD32  that will show you malicious code do not delete the file only remove malicious code .

4.Many times these files are mostly effected by virus in Joomla
     A) includes / redic.php
     B) includes/framework.php

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